Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Giant Leap at This Time: The Alaska Standard Poll on Palin

The Alaska Standard has commissioned a poll by Dave Dittman. The poll was done on a theoretical race between Senator Lisa Murkowski and Governor Sarah Palin.

The short side is; Senator Lisa Mukowski beats Governor Palin. For myself I would expect as much. I wouldn't vote for Palin in 2010. And if I was asked if I would vote for Palin, I would have said no.

Governor Palin needs to finish getting the job done on the gasline. And do it correctly. I don't believe that will be accomplished by 2010.

The polling seems realistic, but in the end of the topic, Dan Fagan inserts a comment that makes a giant leap to the future when he states:

If Sarah Palin has hopes of holding the White House in four years, according to our poll, she’ll have to run from the Governor’s mansion.

First, sentiment in the poll in Alaska has nothing to do with how others feel within the Republican Party on a national level. On the ground, Palin brought the crowds in, McCain didn't. And she wasn't the top of the ticket.

Moreover she got "raked over the coals" by the MSM but still was pulling in huge crowds that even had Obama nervous.

I have high hopes on Fagan's endeavor with The Alaska Standard, but as he puts himself in a postion of offering an alternative to the Anchorage Daily News, Dan needs to think more and look at the big picture.

And I say this basing my own feeling (without seeing the questions asked) on that the poll is somewhat limited in its scope.

Dan would have helped those of us who read the article, to include more information on the polling. That may come and my feeling on the matter may be incorrect.

For now, on a national level, Palin is leading in a poll and is popular as a Republican nominee for the 2012 election. A direct contradiction to Dan's underlying sentiment in his final comment on the matter.


Clay said...

I agree with you. The Vice Presidency was a calling, and she needed to accept that. I do feel since she lost, she has a job to complete. If she doesn't complete it, the media will focus on 'the desire for power.' It's always negative when a Republican moves up to quickly, but when a Democrat does, it's because it's what the people demanded. Palin's time in the national spotlight isn't over, but it doesn't need to be rushed either. She has a solid position to build a solid executive resume.

Austin personal trainer said...

I love Sarah but fairly or unfairly Sarah is percieved as not being quite up to the job of POTUS. - thank you Katie, SNL, and Charlie. I don't know that the MSM will let that change.

JARNCO5 said...

Voice Of Conservative America just visited your site

Anonymous said...

The AK Standard poll results: "In Alaska, registered Democrats are not allowed to vote in the Republican primary, but independents and non-partisans are. The poll shows Murkowski beating Palin by 8 percentage points, 50% to 42% among registered Republicans. But what is really surprising is how poorly Palin does with independents. A group that had overwhelmingly supported her during her run for governor. Murkowski gets a whopping 70% of support from independents in Alaska while leaving Palin with only 19%."

The notion that the gas line would be "finished" by 2012 seems far-fetched. It more likely will never be finished!

Sarah's $1,200 giveaway last year, given the low price of Alaska crude, will break the 2009 budget. The ethical questions that swirl around her won't help either. Hopefully, the nation will come to see that her rabid rhetoric, i.e., "palin' around with terrorists," is unacceptable in political discourse.

Tom said...

Anon, Palin needs to finish the details to the point of an open season.

The construction part will go through at least two adminstrations.

At this point, there is no Open Season. Until that happens, she should not even contemplate a 2010run.

And as for the budget, she needs to dial down the figures on the price of oil and trim the budget.

Anonymous said...

Palin needs to prepare for 2012.

America will need her love of this country, filled with Alaskan spirit, to put the United States back together from what will surely be a four year nightmare headed by Obama.

Carter gave us Reagan. Bush 43 gave us Obama. If we can surive as a country Obama will give us PALIN!

Robin Boerner