Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Legacy of Mayor Begich.

Actual advertisment on the ADN.

Instant Equity in Eagle River! Priced below tax assessment. Traditional 2-story home w/ � acre lot! MLS#08-10125 $315,000

Strange that we keep hearing from city administrative professionals how great the real estate market is and how low property taxes are. It seems they got it wrong.

The market value (the price to sell the house in today's market) is lower than the tax assessment.

Mayor Mark could you drop off the keys to the "Street Sanding" truck to Claman. It seems you have been toooooooo busy.

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Clay said...

Keep exposing the tax lies. These assessments need to be adjusted. It wasn't honest people who created the home mortgage mess.

I am doing my part with my daily blog called One Man, Many Taxes, 365 Days. I hope to open American eyes to the costs of extreme taxation.