Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chatty Catty: Syrin is back at it, Attacking Palin

As I stated on a previous thread, blogger Syrin, aka Sherry Whitstine has an obsessive and catty quality about her.

Palin is definitely on her mind. The latest is; she responds to an article Alex Gimarc wrote about the liberal media attacking conservatives.

Girmac writes:

We all saw this played out on a national stage with the media assault on Governor Sarah Palin during September and October of last year, as she was – and remains – a significant political threat to Barack Obama.

How does Sherry Whitstine handle this?

Sarah Palin who is more dangerous than anyone in modern times. Media should and did cover the fact and bring to light Sarah Palin, who's a total 'Scandal Factory' Let's close down this scandal factory! She says she's a conservative, Sarah is a liar, more of a socialist, more self absorbed, more incompetent, much more ignorant and much more unethical than her counterparts. Palin is NO threat to Obama. However, she's a great threat to the social and economic future of Alaska. We deserve much better....Some of you are living in Sarah's narcissistic world, get out or your brains will be sucked out. Ooops, it might be too late for some of you....

Will Sherry join the rest of the chatty cattys and go back to reading Shakespeare to cleanse her mental palate? Don't count on it. She's obsessed with reading about Palin for the moment.

One has to ask, why would someone in the mainstream press or a person writing a book about Palin seek information from this woman?

The answer is obvious. Gossip sells. Facts don't.


Ramrocks said...

Oh, by the way, after my long post -- I should have clarified that this is Ramrocks from Conservatives4Palin.


Ramrocks said...

Oh dear... it looks like the long comment I meant to post didn't go through.

Well, here goes again:


I just wanted to let you know that the contributors at C4P are fascinated by these local catty gossip posts. We can't post this sort of thing ourselves because 1) we don't live in the Mat-Su Valley, and 2) we have a policy of not publishing rumors until they make it to the MSM.

But we really appreciate what you are doing in exposing these catty loons because, as you pointed out, the next anti-Palin book will no doubt seek out these catty weirdies to get gossip and dirt. You're doing a great service by nipping this nonsense in the bud and thereby helping us to expose it if it should come up later on.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks again!

Ramrocks from C4P

PS - Please feel free to shoot us an email if you think we missed something that we should be posting on.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you take the slut out of her gutter. It's time for Whitstine to go back to her gutter, I'll even give her a life time supply of Herpes medication so she dosen't have to worry her poor, disease-ridden chickenhead about how she's gonna afford it in this bad economy.