Thursday, February 26, 2009

With All the Bad Polling Numbers from Rasmussen, How is it that Obama's Approval Numbers are high?

21% Back ACORN’s Plan To Resist Foreclosure

54% Say ‘No’ To All Bailouts

Confidence in Stimulus Plan Drops Over Past Week

Confidence in the $787-billion economic stimulus plan has fallen four points in the week since President Obama signed it into law, and more voters are prepared to punish their representatives for supporting it.

Remember, this is Obama's bill and the Democrat's bill, however, Rassmussen has this: Democrats Up By Four in Generic Congressional Ballot

Then you have a majority of Americans who say 62% say the nation is heading down the wrong track

War on Terror has dropped dramatically in the past two weeks. Just 47% of voters now believe the United States and its allies are winning.

55% Say Government Mortgage Help Rewards Bad Behavior

So how is it with all of these bad numbers that Obama supports, his approval ratings are high when compared to the issues he supports.

The Republican party had better wake up.


Clay Bowler said...

If I called people during the daytime who just received the promises of the rewards of sitting your ass, I bet I could find a lot of favor for Obama as well.

Tom said...

The Republican party needs to do a better job of highlighting those issues where the weak numbers are.

The Republican party lets the Democrats tag them with the problesm of the economy.