Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mr. Jindal's Neighborhood: Get Ready For Saturday Night Live

As I previously posted here.

The Republicans are in serious trouble if they do not start to get their act together. And do it fast. How fast? As fast as it takes for someone to come up with a Mr. Roger's version of Jindal's speech.

I wanted to see how Jindal was in a debate, so I found a one hour long debate that you see below.

Whoever set this rebuttal up should be fired. There is a pattern within the Republican party to put candidates like Palin and Jindal in awkward moments.

UPDATE I found this thread that I had written about Jindal.


Clay Bowler said...

The 7-Eleven skits are coming, but of course the chimpanzee is offensive. Personally, I didn't think it was a bad speech. I think this is an awkward moment for anyone on eithe side.

Tom said...

Clay when I saw this, I cringed..

I did the same thing with the Couric interview with Palin.

This thread has been up updated since your comment with the debate footage.

He comes across much different. Whoever set the rebuttal up should be fired.