Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Republicans are going to lose the battle and the war (Updated: Mr. Jindal's Neighborhood Video)

That's right, the Republicans are losing the battle and they will lose the war. That is because the establishment within the party still controls the party.

After seeing Jindal tonight, I can say with 100% confidence, the Republicans will fail if they keep putting out this bi-partisan kumbaya B.S. like Jindal did.

Here is a prime example of why Republicans have no credibility.

House Democrats propose $410B spending bill

This omnibus bill has been setting in the house and Pelosi pulled it from the calendar because she felt it was going to hurt the STIMULUS BILL. Human Events was one of the few that picked up on the story.

How many Republicans were out there screaming on the top of Mount CNN, Mount MSNBC, Mount CBS, Mount ABC, Mount NBC and Mount Fox about this bill?

Every Republican should have been on every news outlet, every radio show, every street corner, in every barber shop, in every brothel (because that would have made it, a bi-partisan effort then) talking about this bill on top of the other bills.

This getting along with the Democrats B.S. has got to stop. This sending in Jindal to respond was weak. You send the damn pitbull in.

Just once in the near future, I would like to see Palin take it to the catty boy Olbermann and others like him.

Instead of oh god's coming from his crew, cries of "I want my mama" will be heard with tears rolling down Olbermann's and Matthews'cheeks.

Here are a few responses on the Republican Response. Folks this was not a Katie Couric gotcha interview.


Point of a Gun

Political Base


Copius Dissent

The list goes on, but the common theme is Jindal's response was bad..

UPDATE: This didn't take long...You knew it was coming. I wouldn't be surprised to see a SNL skit on Mr. Jindal's Neighborhood.

UPDATE: Jindal is much better at interviews.


TWhiddon said...

If they reach across the isle to the democrats they will just get their arm broke. If the democrats wont break it then the voters themselves will. Because I'm tired of I'm too.

Tom said...

Hear! Hear!

With the pork in the 410 billion dollar omnibus bill put in by both Republicans and Democrats, it is becoming obvious why the Republicans didn't raise the issue.

Dave C said...

I saw a clip of him on Today.. (from Hot Air)

He rocked it then..