Thursday, February 26, 2009

Palin Power: Renewable Energy for The Republican Party in 2012 (Update)

I have told this story before, but I will tell it again. The first time I met Governor Palin was at a campaign luncheon held by the Republican Women's Club of Anchorage.

To keep the story short, I saw Governor Palin speak about the Republican platform. I knew then that her heart was in the right place and she was in the right place to run for Governor.

Knowing that, I believe Governor Palin has what it takes to become president in 2012.

Just recently, a poll was taken by Dave Dittman and it shows Palin popular in Anchorage. Not an easy task when you consider all of the negative press she has had.

She has gotten hit politically from those within her own party also. So given this, I will make a prediction that Palin will gain more confidence as she continues in her role as Governor this year, the next year and the call for her to run in 2012 will grow stronger.

As time goes on, I will focus more on Obama's presidency, Palin's detractors and at times when I do not agree with Governor Palin I will be writing about it.

There is a time for constructive criticism and a time for praise.

So here is some time spent on praise.

In the news today, Rep Coghill and Senator Olson came up with a parental consent bill that strengthens parent's rights. Governor Palin has come out in support of that.

KTUU Online Poll (unscientific poll)

Should minors be required to notify their parents before an abortion?
Yes No

Thank you for participating in our poll. Here are the results so far.

Yes 75%
No 25%

Read House Bill 35

Now the detractors will be out in force criticizing Palin and some will be for the law. That is how deep the hatred goes with some people in Alaska. Fortunately they are in a minority.

Update: John Stein from Mother Jones had this headline: Palin's Media Bash-a-thon Continues

In the article, Stein quotes Palin:

I would do it again though, knowing that there is great need in our country for reform. There is great need in our country -- I think we need to get back to the basic tenets that built up the Republican Party… if there is opportunity I can see to help, I would do it again.

As for Stein and others, they have nothing more to attack Palin on. But Palin has a lot of ammo against them. The mainstream media does not like that in a politician.

With Palin, there was and is still a tendency to go to the sources that have nothing more than gossip and rumors. When the press came to Alaska looking for pay dirt on Palin, all they got was fool's gold from people like Sherry Whitstine, Andrew Halcro and others.

If the media wants to call it a bash-a-thon, then that means they are on the defense and Palin is on the offense. That folks, is how you play the game when the game is stacked against you.


Anonymous said...

I think you have touched on a point which many of those living outside of Alaska who have begun to take an interest in Gov Palin are finding. In looking for information online it is sites such as ADN, AS, AD, Halcro, a range of "progressive" bloggers which seem most prominent, and where the bash-a-thon is all too evident. So it's particularly helpful to find your Alaskan voice presenting a differing perspective. Are there any other Alaskans running blogs which are supportive of SP?

Tom said...

Anon, I haven't seen any other than fixed pie. The young guys are conservative.

I have been talking with an individual at Red County and we have discussed the possibility of including bloggers from Alaska.

That will be next month.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tom. This really goes to my question to you a few days ago about where those of us who don't live in Alaska can find an impression of the groundswell of support which Gov Palin has. [From what I know of my visits to C4P and TS, there must be many others with a similar interest.]