Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rasmussen Proves Americans are Confused on Taxes

I knew it. Americans in general don't know who to trust on economic issues.

Rasmussen has a new poll on taxing people who make $250,000.00 and above.

The short is 51% think it's okay and it would be good for the economy. 31% think it would be bad and 12% say it would have no impact on the economy.

However, in another poll conducted by Rasmussen, 57% Say Tax Cuts Will Help Economy

Now, it should be plain to the GOP, that their message is not sinking in and it should be clear that the Democrats and Obama are winning. I get the sense that Americans are feeling helpless on this issue and when you have some Republicans voting for the $410 billion dollar omnibus pork filled bill, Americans are going to be confused.

Glenn Beck got it right today, when he talked about Republicans and Democrats....

Glenn Beck

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