Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rasmussen Poll: Democrats want the Stimulus Plan

60% Say Stimulus Plan Is What Democrats Want, Not Bipartisan

The break down:

Republicans - Eighty percent (80%) of Republicans say the stimulus is mostly a Democratic plan.

Democrats - while Democrats themselves are evenly divided on the question.

Independants - Sixty-two percent (62%) of unaffiliated voters say it’s mostly what Democrats want, while 22% characterize the plan as bipartisan.

How in the hell is Rasmussen coming up with only 62% of voters think it's a plan the Democrats want, when 62% of unaffiliated voters say it's mostly what Democrats want and 80% of Republicans say it is what Democrats mostly want and Democrats are evenly divided.

This tells me Rassmussen's poll is skewed heavy towards Democrat voters.

This also tells me that the approval ratings of Obama are skewed towards the positive.

It is a well known fact that Rasmussen's partisan trends have favored the Democrats.

There is a hidden group however, that is out there that is not being polled and quite frankly, you stir them up enough, they will get out and vote.

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