Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Andrew Sullivan Being His Usual Catty Self on Palin

Andrew Sullivan gives gay men a bad image.

His cattiness is unbecoming....He's the type of male that is more in touch with his feminine side than most women are.

Palin News

The Bristol-Levi wedding is off, according to Levi's sister. (Still, it's a biased source and Radar.) Plus:

Gov. Sarah Palin’s biggest initiatives for this legislative session appear dead on arrival, at least for this year. Top lawmakers say they aren’t likely to pass the governor’s bills dealing with an in-state gas pipeline and consolidating the six Railbelt utilities to pursue megaprojects like the Susitna River dam.

She proposed them too late in the session, apparently. Too busy giving interviews to Greta.

Poor Andrew Sullivan..... He has PDS...

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