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The Chattering Crowd in Alaska: AWOL on Hollis (I forgot ) French and $2000.00 From the NEA PACE in the Same Calendar Year?

You know the usual suspects of the chattering left and PDS'ers. I wanted to see how they felt about the news today on Hollis French and his screw-up with his APOC forms...

Mudflats - AWOL Nada word on it.

Andrew Halcro - AWOL Nada word on it.

Shannyn Moore - AWOL Nada word on it.

Syrin - AWOL Nada word on it.

The Anchorage Daily News has picked up on the story.

French said:

French, who was unopposed in the election, said he didn’t hire a campaign manager and the person who prepared his APOC reports was dependent on him for providing the donation information. French said it was his error and he regrets it.

In a post a while back I made a thread titled Hollis French Showing His True Colors as in "Green" colors.

Show Me The Money Hollis French, is the guy that gets PAC money from the union that wanted Hollis to do an investigation on Palin because Palin went after their man Wooten.

Moreover, according to Alaska law, APOC filings French filed in 2000, French went beyond the allowable limit of a campaign contribution of $500,00 from an individual.

24 07/07/2000 $250.00 GOTTSTEIN, DAVID Anchorage Investment firms 07/12/2000

25 10/26/2000 $500.00 GOTTSTEIN, DAVID Anchorage Investment firms 10/27/2000

There is no indication of an amendment on file....

See a pattern with this guy?

Looks like French knew he had to get his ducks in a row since he has taken money and stuffed it away in an account for a future run at something..

02/01/2009 Paid Expense N / A $10,000.00 FUTURE CAMPAIGN - - AK - to future campaign

6 02/01/2009 Paid Expense 2095 $10,890.00 POET ACCOUNT - - AK - transfer to reserve acct

Maybe Governor in 2010?

But wait what about the money that French forgot to put down on his APOC forms? I am going to guess on this one, since it shows up on his February filings.

2 09/24/2008 Monetary 7677 $1,000.00 $0.00 NEA ALASKA PACE
114 Second Street Juneau AK 99801 Juneau PAC PAC

APOC shows months before, under Hollis French, he getting $1000.00 from NEA PACE on 08/21/2008

2008 State Primary 24-HOUR REPORT
filed August 22, 2008

Candidates and Groups must file a 24-Hour Report when they receive a contribution or contributions which exceed $250 during the 9 days prior to the election.

A "24 Hour" report is a simple list of large, last minute contributions - not a comprehensive campaign disclosure statement - and is due within 24 hours - if and whenever over $250 is received from a contributor during the 9 day window before the election. If funds are raised daily, a 24-Hour report may need to be filed each day of the final nine days.

Select Contributor to List Contributions Date: Amount: Contributor:
08/21/2008 $1,000.00 NEA - ALASKA PACE

Let's see if this is correct, $1000.00 from NEA PACE on 08/21/2008 and $1000.00 from NEA PACE on 09/24/2008. Is there a glitch?

That is $2000.00 for the same calendar year for a PAC that sent money to a candidate. I would question this one alone and see what is going on here....Could it be a glitch, could be it be an oh, I forgot.

Questions need to be asked...

Legislative Minutes

AS 15.13.070. Limitations On Amount of Political Contributions

c) A group that is not a political party may contribute not more than $1,000 per year

(1) to a candidate, or to an individual who conducts a write-in campaign as a candidate;

(2) to another group, to a nongroup entity, or to a political party.

Hmmmmmmmmmm, only $1000.00 per calendar year.......

APOC advsiory on primary and general elections donations for calendar year.

Prior to 1997, AS 15.13.070(a) limited contributions to candidates for each elective office to $1000, per calendar year. The Commission interpreted this section to limit contributions from an individual to a candidate for each elective office to $1000. As a result, candidates who participated in both the primary and general elections or in both regular municipal and municipal runoff elections for the same office could receive only up to the maximum of $1000 per year from a particular contributor. Under the old law a candidate who ran for two elective offices simultaneously, e.g. assembly and state senate, could receive up to $1000 for each elective office.

In 1997, the law was repealed and re-enacted. Under the revised section of law, AS 15.13.070(b)(1) an individual may contribute up to $500 per calendar year to a candidate. The statute no longer references the term elective office. Staff interprets the revised statute in the same manner as the Commission interpreted it in the prior statute, in that it limits contributions from an individual to a candidate to $500 per calendar year. This opinion does not interpret the issue of a candidate running for two different elective offices during the same calendar year. Since in this instance, Mr. Traini is running for the same elective office, he may only accept the maximum contribution of $500 per calendar year from any individual contributor.

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