Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby Come Back: Obama Throws His Telepromter Under The Bus

Tsk, Tsk, never try to upstage the president by trying to stay out in front, on the stage...

Just ask Biden...How many times do you see these two together?

Barack's teleprompter should have known that and have known ahead of time, what happened at the White House press conference.

First to Obama's teleprompter...

Is it splitsville or just a split screen.

Relationships can be a nasty thing....And just sitting around waiting to be taken to the big event.. Well, eventually that screen time will just be a memory and everyone will forget who the brains are, behind that big screen.

Anyway, during emergencies when things begin to fall apart, a football game or a basketball game can come in handy on the big screen. The big guy can switch right in the middle of tough questions and start talking about the game.

H/T Butasforme

Obama throws his teleprompter under the bus—Now uses two large 42′ plasma TVs

One wonders though, will Obama be singing the blues later?

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Conservative Scalawag said...

Oh dear God,without the prompter he is as boring as Al Gore.