Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama's Halo Is Dropping (Update)

Below is an image on AOL with the headline: Obama Issues Stark Warning on Economy

AFP / Getty Images

Below is a picture with a Zogby poll showing Obama at 50% approval rating

Photo by AP

A big Ooops
It's nice to have a president who people actually like

President Barack Obama continues to get the rock star treatment wherever he goes. His approval ratings are still way up, and he made a recent appearance on Jay Leno.

His celebrity status has some of his critics all riled up over the exposure he's getting. It's going to his head, they say. And why isn't he sitting in the Oval office trying to fix the economy?

Those are the haters, who wish they could be as popular. It's eating them up that Obama has a knack for connecting with people. He's not afraid to get up close and personal, and doesn't shy away from the spotlight. He's a man comfortable in his skin.

What does Obama think about the article?

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