Friday, March 20, 2009

Fixed Pie Live Blogging at the Lincoln Dinner with Governor Palin as Keynote Speaker (Palin Updates)

Just got in and found this from the Fixed Pie

Twitter Jason and El general good job...

For further updates, check out the guys' website.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow and the next day for pictures of the event! 2 minutes ago from web sorry for the wait.

we're still here... just prioritizing going on. 4 minutes ago from web


I dont know the way to success. But i know the path to failure. Trying to please everyone. less than 20 seconds ago from web

I ask piper to pray with me and ask got to win this debate. Piper says, "that would be cheating" haha. Yay for god. 1 minute ago from web

Piper- On the night against biden. During prayer. (i grab piper to hold hands during prayer. no one else in the mccain campaign)2 minutes ago from web

El General- Sienna won in 2OT. Amazing! So anyone following on the blog should check some of our posts out, let us know what you think 9 minutes ago from


Granted it was the valley... Haha on building codes. Even then in 92. I said it's a city issue. not state. not federal. half a minute ago from web ...

And we are left with the bill. Downturn. We must not move backwards!2 minutes ago from web

On Alaska Stimulus. We took the infrastructure. Sent back the funds to expand government. What happens when the fed dollars are gone?...3 minutes ago from web

There are strings for every dollar. We must be solvent through vigilance.
4 minutes ago from web

I thank Lisa and Don. I cannot say the same from our junior senator Begich 5 minutes ago from web

I dont want to be a slave to washington. We are to be enticed by an "economic stimulus" that is borrowed. we cannot let this go on...6 minutes ago from web

... we must develop Alaska! 7 minutes ago from web

Lincoln abolished slavery, and now we are to be slaves of the federal govt. We cannot let them take this from us. no more foreign oil... 7 minutes ago from web

A baby. Not fetal material. A blessing not a burden. The life, not the joke. Esteemed sages, not little statistics. 9 minutes ago from web

Divided we will fail. We must be the party of ideas, NOT constituents!
10 minutes ago from web

We must be guided by principle, and not by the polls." 10 minutes ago from web

Lincoln second inaugural- The great speech. "Equal fervor for differences. these prayers must be answered... how we react will define us... 11 minutes ago from web

We are sewards folly, but we have shown our majesty and shown our place. strong resource. Strong leadership. 12 minutes ago from web

the difference between D's and R's in Alaska is the drive. My admistration is diverse, but not divided (all of these have been palin quotes)13 minutes ago from web

we eat our own, the gop is said to be...14 minutes ago from web

Competition. I like that. Haha. She used a sunny quote!16 minutes ago from web

Bold colors. We must prevail. Every district. 16 minutes ago from web

"If i were to answer or read every bad thing, this shop would have been closed long ago... Family sticks together." a quote from Lincoln half a minute ago from web

"My son overseas, my husband on the slope developing resources. We are family strong, no matter the fight."1 minute ago from web

She takes the stage!!!-------"Good to be home, here in my own clothes." Palins words from now until further notice.2 minutes ago from web

The intro to Palin- "Two score and 5 years ago, Chuck and Sally Heath..." Haha so good.3 minutes ago from web

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