Friday, March 20, 2009

Will Obama be Shining Palin's Shoes in 2012

A Quick Limbo Poll for Obama

Watch out for the racist speak in comments.

I'm sure some will somehow think the song is racist too, but these are the same people who thought this was okay.

Here are the facts on Shoe Shine Politics.

Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of societies: those where you can get a shoe shine and those where you can’t.

France falls into the latter category. Search Paris high and low for a seat to kick back and se faire cirer les bottes: you’ll search in vain.

There’s something about the idea of having someone stooped at the feet of a client applying polish to his or her boots that rubs the Gallic egalitarian spirit the wrong way. It’s just not what 1789 was about.

In the United States, of course, it’s a different story. Unlike humor, which is in short supply, or banned, a shoe shine is freely available at U.S. airports. Walk a few Manhattan or Chicago blocks and someone will be there to make your shoes gleam.


So, do I prefer shoe-shine or no-shine societies? I favor the former because they give freer rein to the human spirit, but of course I’d like some attributes of the shine-free world, especially universal health care. That’s doable while avoiding the entitlement-excess that sent France into its protracted doze.

Does this make Cohen a racist while being a socialist?

Sounds like he wants to keep the man or boy down in his place shining shoes....

And meanwhile, Politico is talking about this poll as being serious?

And Josh Painter is calling it B.S.

My bet is on it being B.S.

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