Saturday, March 21, 2009

Paper Terrorism: Palin's Legal Debts Pile Up

Think again about entering politics. It is truly a full contact sport.

Palin also faced a small claims case in Washington, D.C., that was dismissed when the plaintiff didn't show up for a hearing.

In all, Palin said, there have been 10 ethics complaints, counting Troopergate, though she did not provide a list. State ethics complaints are confidential unless a public accusation is filed or the accused person agrees in writing to make to make it public. State officials said they could not discuss any pending ethics cases.

Out of the 10 complaints, Palin said six have been dismissed, one had "concluded," and three are pending.

Last month, with Van Flein as her lawyer, she settled an ethics complaint over her children's travel by agreeing to repay the state for an estimated 10 trips. She said Friday that debt is still under review by the state.

Activists who have brought complaints against Palin said they don't consider their efforts frivolous.


Andree McLeod, who has filed four ethics complaints against Palin and top aides, and made a number of public records requests, says she's doing exactly what Palin expects. When Palin was sworn in as governor in December 2006, McLeod recalled, she said "Alaskans, hold me accountable; and right backatcha. I'll expect a lot from you too."

"I'm unambiguously, steadfastly and doggedly holding Palin accountable," McLeod said in a statement. Her most recent complaint, filed this week, accuses Palin of using state resources to post a campaign message on the state Web site, and using her state spokesman to address confusion caused by her political action committee.

Andree, do you remember our conversation about the job offer? You are now coming across in your own words, as someone who has an axe to grind about not getting a job. The complaints now look frivolous.

No smoking gun. It's time to re-examine yourself and what you are trying to accomplish.


Clay Bowler said...

No wonder good peole are hard to come by in American politics. All the cases that have gone to court, have proven nothing, just like our last governor. Why would good people what to put up with it?

iac said...

"Political blood sport": acted out through McLeod's ethics complaints and in the vitriol spewed in the comments of people like Syrin and Chasm. Their aim is to take Governor Palin down, and they seem to be incited by elements of the so-called Alaskan progressives to do that, and by legislators who exploit their connection to Halcro via emails which he delights in publishing. The desperation to find the smoking gun isn't disguised at all, and it really is time for more Alaskan voices to speak out against that. McLeod's actions are sickening.

Mike said...

I hope Sarah sets up a legal fund. I support SarahPac and I'll gladly contribute to a legal fund. I'm in California, not many here worth funding.

Anonymous said...

Gov. Palin, Set up that legal fund, I am here for you and will spread the word.