Friday, March 13, 2009

Here we go again, PDS'ers Comment-----EXCLUSIVE: Bristol Palin Opens Up About Split from Levi Johnston

Bristol Palin Opens Up About Split from Levi Johnston

Okay what are the crazed lunatics saying this time..

2:36 AM Anonymous Says:

I'm sick of the Palins complaining about media coverage. Sarah Palin asked for it when she ran for office and subjected her entire family (complete with pregnant daughter despite her stances on abortion and abstinence) to public scrutiny. It isn't the media's fault that she's a complete moron who can't keep her hypocrisy and dirty laundry under wraps.


11:36 PM Anonymous Says:

Is this girl going to even finish high school?? How will she get a job to support her baby?? Her ex is a high school dropout bum with no job. I guess she will need welfare, medicaid and WIC. It's a good thing her stupid mother didn't win, since she would probably have cut all those programs for her daughter!


10:30 PM Anonymous Says:

"Bristol should have swallowed" means she should have put Levi's peen into her mouth instead of into her va-jayjay.
Or used a condom plus foam.
She would have known that If her mother had taught her the fundamentals of procreation and prevention.


9:16 PM Anonymous Says:

Bristol is a victim of her mother's ignorance and arrogance. If her mother had taught her about birth control instead of believing that abstinence is the only answer, Bristol wouldn't have gotten pregnant while she's still in high school. If her mother hadn't been so arrogant, there's a minimally higher chance the relationship would have worked out between Bristol and Levi. I mean ... teen romances seldom become anything permanent, especially when there's a baby involved - but I sure wouldn't want Sarah Palin as MY mother-in-law! Talk about a lifetime of nightmare holiday get-togethers ...


8:22 PM Anonymous Says:

Bristol should have swallowed.



Clay Bowler said...

Yes, I agree these comments are ignorant, but Bristol Palin needs to get out of the spotlight. There is no need for her to go on the shows discussing her breakup. Her lack of maturity showed in her baby interviews, and she is obviously a teenager with raging hormones and is years away from an adult perspective on it all.

USA_Admiral said...

I guess everyone has an opinion about Sarah Palin's Family Anonymously.

It will be interesting when the Obama girls get a little older.

All kids do stupid things. It is only a wrong if you are a Republican with Conservative beliefs.

Conservative Scalawag said...

The left sicken me with their double standard. They call us conservatives hateful,closed minded and such.

Yet,they slander with the most disgusting,hate filled rants.

hrh said...

Somebody please send 9:16 Anonymous's comment to Ann Coulter for her next edition of "Guilty: Liberal 'Victims" and Their Assault on America."

9:16 Anonymous says "Bristol Palin is a victim of her mother's ignorance and arrogance..."

Oh brother! Sigh.

Tom said...

Clay, I hope this will be her last one. The rumors came out and she has to address them.

Admiral...Kids should be left alone. We shall see how the left handle Obama's kids.

Sacalwag...Brian Willams had said the far left are worse..

HRH... Let them keep posting, the public gets to see the left for how they really are.