Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Palin Pick and the Process: A Primer for Change on Judicial Appointments (Update)

Today, I talked briefly to Eddie Burke about Palin's pick and what recourse there maybe in how judicial appointments are made.

There is compelling evidence against Morgan Christen and it deals not with Planned Parenthood but with ignoring custody investigator's recomendations and OCS's recomendations.

I will be researching cases that Christen has handled, her decisions and the pattern of how she has handled custody and gender.

There are two cases I know of in public records that show this pattern.

Other issues were discussed with Eddie and if they evolve, they will be made public with support from Eddie Burke.

Update: Advisory Vote: The Question....

Shall the legislature adopt an amendment to the state constitution to be considered by the voters through a ballot referendum; changing the authority vested with picking judicial candidates from the Judicial Council to the Governor, and through judicial confirmation hearings, candidates voted for appointment by both the Alaska Senate and Alaska House by a 2/3 majority.


LAW said...

Hi, head on over to They posted on this judicial issue called "The Missouri Plan" under which Palin had to choose. Also, JR posted a h/t update about former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's support for this plan with some modifications. O'Connor had given a speech on this topic about a week ago. Prescient wasn't she?

Ramrocks said...

Hi Tom,

I answered you at C4P, but I'll do it here as well.

I hear what both you and LAW are saying, but I'm not sure what realistically Sarah Palin could do about this. Christen will be on the ballot for voters to reject in three years. In the meantime, there will be important energy related cases before the court. Do you really want an environmental activist on the bench?

Which one would be worse for Alaska?

Murkowski already tried to fight the AJC, and it came to naught. Palin has to follow the state's constitution. I really don't see what else she could do in this instance.

But I'm not writing this to discourage your research. Go forward, by all means. At the very least, you will compile evidence to use against Christen at election time.

Tom said...


the Missouri plan keeps the ABA in power on a very important matter that should not be left up to a speacial interest.


Palin had to follow the Alaska Supreme Court's decision on same sex benefits.

The legisture however, ignored the will of the people when the people voted in a non-binding vote to have the Legislture allow the voters to vote on the benefits.