Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Palin Picks the Lesser of Two Evils for the Alaska Supreme Court (update)

In today's news, Governor Palin picked Morgan Christen for the Supreme Court nomination.

I know people who work in the Office of Child Services and have had cases before Judge Christen and to put it bluntly, in my opinion she has screwed the cases up and had to quickly overturn her decisions.

Read the ADN comments and you will see the Palin bashers talk about how great a pick this was. This should be an indication the type of Judge she was.

The problem in Alaska is, for the most part, the Judicial Council and it's members choose the candidates. And for the most part, the Justices are moderate liberal to liberal.

Some in the community like Dan Fagan had called on Palin to not pick the two. I would agree with him on that.

This pick by Palin has me concerned since I know how this Judge was on the Superior Court when it came to handling cases on child custody.

I will say point blank that from the cases that she handled in OCS, I believe she holds a gender bias.

Update: How the council rated the candidates

6 candidates applied...

Of the 6, two I know are lawyers who are considered to be conservatives and were not judges. They received the lowest evaluation.

Palin had no choice on this one........The process has to be changed...

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