Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Palin's biographer impressed with the governor

Palin's biographer impressed with the governor

A biographer of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin contends that if the economy hadn't tanked, her presence on the GOP ticket would have made the election much closer than it turned out.

Lorenzo Benet is an assistant editor at People magazine who traveled to Alaska to interview Governor Palin last summer with the idea of writing a book about only the second sitting governor to give birth to a child while in office.

Let it begin......

There was been a pattern on how Zeigler's interview was first portrayed in the media by Palin. She was critical of the YouTube spot, because I know here she was being criticized for it.

The term Palin unpluged was being pushed by the local media here in Alaska and bloggers were attacking her.

If you saw the MSNBC interview with Zeigler, you will recognize the same pattern with the media trying to drive a wedge between the author and Palin.

Palin spokeswoman criticizes unauthorized biography

The comments made by the Palin spokeswoman were a direct result of the mainstream media cherry picking parts of the book that could be twisted to make Palin look bad.

So now, the biographer has to correct what the media has done.

Conservatives 4 Palin has an excellent post on the author of the book.

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