Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Mudflats Goes Hunting for Witches: Sarah Palin to be Exact

First things first. After reading this, send a fondu moment over to mudflats.

Oh! Ye’ll Take the High Road and I’ll Take the Low Road, and I’ll See Governor Palin Afore Ye.””

Mudflats is trying to take ye high road by criticizing Palin for saving her best regards for Senator Kim Elton, aka Soveraigne Lord Kim Elton

Those are Therefore in thier Maj'ties name Senator Elton & Senator Green now King & Queen over Alaska &ca: to will & Comand you that upon Tuesday next being ye 1st day of 2008 Instant August between the houres of Eight & Ten forenoon ye same day you Sarah Palin From their Maj'ties Goal in Anchorage afores'd to the place of Execution & there Cause them & Every of them to be hanged by the Neck untill they be dead and of the doings herein make return to the Clerke of the said Court & this precept and hereof you are not to fail at your perill and this Shall be your Sufficient Warrant Given under my hand & seale at Anchorage the 1st day of August in ye yeare of ye Reign of our Soveraigne Lord & Lady Kim & Lyda King & Queen &ca:

(slight change to the original warrant)

Trouble is, as I stated before, mudflats is stuck on stupid and how in the hell can you be on the high road when you are supposedly "tiptoeing through the muck of Alaskan politics."

Mudflats is trying to wallow in and stir up mud in the mudflats here in Alaska.

Here is mudflats playing in the mud...

Ohhh. That’s right, Senator Elton was the head of the Legislative Council this past fall; the very Legislative Council that hired Stephen Branchflower to investigate Palin’s role in the Troopergate ethics scandal! And now that I think of it, wasn’t Elton on the receiving end of a lawsuit to stonewall that investigation? And didn’t that report find that Palin did abuse her power under the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act? Ahh. The pieces are falling into place.

Here is what I had to say on the witch hunt and
Senator French's campaign contributions.

Now on to Elton......$2500.00 pledged to Obama's campaign funds......How's that for pledging.

What did he say about the Personnel Board's findings?

State Senator Kim Elton, a Democrat who is the chairman of the Legislative Council, said of the Personnel Board’s findings: “I’m surprised. I think the ethics act is very clear and that Mr. Branchflower strung together a series of events that made it clear there was not only smoke but fire.

When Branchflower came out with his findings, people and bloggers where calling for the impeachment of Palin but it was Senator Elton who said it was the Personnel Board's job, not the legislature's job to handle the ethics violation.....

This was stated by Elton before the Personnel Board cleared Palin. But you can see how his comments turn after she was cleared.

What this tells me is that it was a witch hunt conducted by Senator Kim Elton, Senator Hollis French and Senator Lyda Green.

And Sarah seems to be a popular first name of victims of witch hunts; Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne, Sarah Dustin, Sarah Cloyce... Sarah Palin


Amy Jones said...

I am sure you are aware that the investigation into Palin's possible abuse of office began before she was pegged as McCain's running mate.

I am sure you are also aware that the decision to begin the investigation was approved by both Republicans and Democrats in the Alaska Legislature.

The post on Mudflats refers primarily to Palin's first sentence in her press release, a rather catty remark about Elton 'pledging alliegiance to Obama' which is odd, clumsy and demonstrative of a real lack of political maturity on the part of our governor.

As for the rest of your comments about Mudflats, which is a blog I frequently read, perhaps you should consider developing a sense of humor. Really.

Tom said...

Amy Jones.

Did you read Hollis French got campaign contributions from the union before the November election.

Did you know campaign contributions came before the V.P. pick; contributions he didn't need because he was running unopposed.

Did you know that 12 members voted on the council. Not the entire legislative body, because it was what? Not in session? And the council acted on special powers that they bestowed upon themselves.

Did you know Republicans who were on the council where people like Lyda Green who had an axe to grind and used her own "catty" behavior to arm twist other Republicans.

And there was nothing "catty" about the remark. Only truth in advertising when Elton pledged his support to Obama through his $2500.00 donation.

And last, maybe you should read mudflats less.

Did the name Sarah in the witch trials and the irony escape your humor?

Humor was used on the warrant during the Salem Witch trials, but because of your frequent reading of Mudflats, I would expect the absence of the recognition of the humor.

What comes across catty is the comments on the pledging made by Mudflats.

iac said...

Having read the ADN links to so-called "progressive" sites where there is criticism of Gov Palin's press release re Elton, the degree of hypocrisy being shown is staggering. How can Halcro, Mr 9% himself, rejected by a mere 91% of those who voted, have the gall to accuse the Governor of lacking class; this from the man who wrote the book on how to lose gracefully NOT. Interesting that a Mudflats sycophant should dare to try to take you to task. Anyone spending a few sad moments reviewing the comments left at that site will be able to identify the hysteria which that blogger manages to induce day after day in his befuddled audience.