Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Palin/Limbaugh Ticket in 2012?: A Provocative headline..

Palin/Limbaugh Ticket in 2012?

There is no doubt in my mind that Limbaugh would be a champion of Governor Palin, if she won the Republican nomination.

As Limbaugh, for a V.P. nominee? It's a provocative headline. As for the reality? No.

It is far-fetched and the writer should have left it there. A Palin/Jindal ticket maybe.

What is interesting from the article is the writer's comments on Ruppert Murdoch...

The spoiler in GOP politics is Sir Rupert Murdoch, presently the man who controls two thirds of what can be described as the conservative media in America, is not a big fan of Sarah Palin’s, which could trigger a destructive primary fight that lasts into the convention, If Rupert’s favorite is not the nominee or at least the bottom half of the ticket.

Given the popularity of Palin and some big names on Fox, I don't see his presence having an effect. Just the viewer mail alone would put the kabosh on that.

Developing a viewership takes time and risking that would be foolish.

And as the writer states, 2010 elections are coming up and SarahPac will have some skin in the game.


Anonymous said...

I'd vote for a Jindal/Palin or Palin/Jindal ticket. Both are qualified for either job.

Tom said...

A Palin on the front side would pull a victory in for sure.