Saturday, March 28, 2009

Palin Should Look to The Baltics on Trade Relations and Learn a Lesson on McCain


Dick Morris in an interview with Greta Van Susteren on Palin's speech at the Lincoln Dinner in Alaska.

Two things stand out. One, his comments on ex el presidente Fox and two, Palin travelling to Eastern Europe.

First to el presidente Fox. Juan Hernandez as Morris, worked for Fox and Juan Hernandez was on McCain's team. Before McCain picked Palin, I had talked about how Palin and Romney would be well advised to stay away from McCain.

The reason was Juan Hernandez. This is the guy that brought McCain down to Mexico to visit the Shrine of the Virgen de Guadelupe. I know for a fact that the visit was viewed as McCain making a mockery of the shrine.

The history of Hernandez and Fox mocking the Virgen de Guadelupe was done before when Fox while campaigning, wore a piece of garment of the Virgin.

Mexicans pay high respect to the Virgin and as such, McCain didn't make any gains.

What this had shown to me about McCain is; there seems to be a underlying insensitivity to religion. Thus I believe a reason for Palin's comment on praying before the debate with Biden.

Frankly, I feel staffers for McCain may have held a position that made Palin uncomfortable. And there is nothing in the way Palin described the story to show animosity for McCain. However, I do. Here is why.

Mexico's Fox touts EU-like integration for the Americas

Fox also delivered a message of hope — hope that someday Canada, the United States and Mexico, indeed the rest of Latin America, would function like the European Union.

“It's an extremely successful model,” said Fox, whose wife, Marta SahagĂșn, accompanied him. “My vision is to speed up the process of further integration.”

Fox was in town to address the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute's Future Leaders Conference, held at the UTSA Main Campus. He received four rousing standing ovations from the crowd, many of them student business majors.

The event was hosted by the University of Texas at San Antonio's College of Business.

Fox acknowledged the difficulty of establishing a European Union-like structure in the Americas, given those who'd oppose it. But Fox said, “Hope is back again,” referring to the new U.S. president and the United States' “capacity to fight for ideals.”


Fox also spoke of Mexico's war against drug cartels and its impact on “perhaps the most dynamic border in the world.” He reiterated comments made by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this week, in which she said “insatiable” U.S. drug consumption drives the war.

Indeed, Fox conceded that more of his own citizens are engaging in drug use as cartels look for new markets.

McCain surrounded himself with lousy people. The only exception was Palin.

Next Morris talks about travelling to Eastern Europe. No.

Palin should take up establishing trade ties with the Baltics. Her own Attorney General Talis Colberg's roots go back to Lativa and there is a lesson to be learned in the people of the Baltics and that is they are fighters.

The Baltics are small enough that Alaska has something to offer. One is tourism. The Baltics have gone to a a Visa Waiver system and people from Latvia and Estonia can travel to the U.S. without the visa.

Travel for both trade and tourism can be accomplished over the pole reducing time and Fairbanks could be the destination.

As Russia continues to nudge in on Alaska, Palin would be wise to query her ex A.G. Talis Colberg on his family history. She will find small nations made up of a people who love their independence from Russia and the European Union.

For foreign policy experience, that is where she should start.

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