Saturday, March 28, 2009

Showdown at the AK Corral: Will Sheriff Palin Shoot Holes in the Stimulus Package With her Veto Six Shooter?

It is official, the State House took a vote on the resolution that finalized the formalities on getting stimulus monies from the federal government.

A vote on the stimulus package was done in committee a few weeks past. The only no vote then, was Rep. Kelly.

This vote is the formal vote on the House resolution and everyone knew this was coming.

Here you have the "Cowboys" Mike (eagle eye)Hawker leading his pack of Cowboy legislators taking money from the bank, while his posse made up of members like Mike (the snoops)Doogan are whooping it up saying "it's free money."

And what about gang member Les (is more)Gara saying "I just don’t find comments like that helpful, we’ve been accepting federal money since statehood, nobody has called it a bribe”.

Gara, how about just calling it "taking" money from the federal government that takes it from us in the form of taxes.

Some may call taxes a way to "contribute" as Clinton did when he was president. And some may call it a "con" (kän) to swindle or trick into and "tribute" (tri-(ˌ)byüt) any forced payment. Some may go as so far to call paying taxes patriotic.

And then some may call it just plain stealing. This should make you wonder what Treasury Geithner was thinking.

Anyway, the House is at odds with Palin (not sure why, since the house members don't know what they are voting for) on the matter and the Senate will be next to vote.

This raises an interesting question on if Hollis French will play one of Palin's deputies or join Mike (eagle eye)Hawker's gang? In case you missed a short statement by French, he did say that there may be a constitutional issue at hand.

He's right and if I were Governor for a day, I would take French up on his feelings especially when you have him agreeing there may be a constitutional issue.

The ultimate question is; will Sheriff Palin bring her big dawg Deputy Wayne (W.A.R.) Anthony Ross to the court house doors, or bring out the six shooter veto pen and lay claim to being the fastest draw on the line-item veto in the land?

Stay tuned, this should get interesting....


iac said...

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?

Don't Fence Me In?

A Fistful of Dollars?

narciso said...

Tom, the Herald doesn't have clue as to what's happening in this neck of the woods, I doubt they have any better understanding of
Alaska. They could have read up on her press releases, before she made her decision on the crisis, but it is a McClatchy paper and it is going out of business.