Friday, March 27, 2009 Should be Sued for its False Advertising on Begich

In a perfect world it would be nice if you could once, sue an organization for being deceptive.

Begich lies about about reading the entire stimulus package. Then votes on the package and it has the amendment in the stimulus bill that inserts the bonuses.

Then a bill is being worked out in the Senate that would tax the bonuses. However, the news is; the bonuses will be paid back by AIG employees and according to the news:

Despite the high popularity surrounding a House bill that would tax 90 percent of the AIG bonuses — a Rasmussen Reports poll found 57 percent of the nation supported the proposal — Barack Obama defended his reluctant to support a bill he felt was unconstitutional.

On an interview with CBS’ “60 Minutes” Sunday, Mr. Obama said, “Let’s see if there are ways of doing this that are both legal, that are constitutional, that uphold our basic principles of fairness,” adding he did not want to “govern out of anger.”

Makes you wonder what bill is talking about....

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The Pajama Underground said...

Ah, vital cog in the left wing disinformation machine....