Friday, March 27, 2009

Who is Better Looking? Palin or McCain

According to the poll, it's Meghan McCain.

Next, what is it with the MILF acronym being used by women writers who should leave the snickers and the fantasy to young men in their puberty?

And how is Bonnie Fuller's headline indicating 40 year old women are hotter than their younger counterpart supported by the polls on the website.

I can understand how Palin is losing out to Meghan. The Huffington Post aka Gaborington Post has a bunch of Palin haters that frequent the site and offer their support to the site.

Quick Poll
Who's Hotter?
Sarah Palin 48.83%

Meghan McCain 51.17%

And I can understand how Michelle Obama is losing to Beyoncé. The truth is polling true.

Quick Poll
Who's Hotter?

Michelle Obama 41.45%

Beyoncé 58.55%

That's two that don't support her contention that "It's official! Age is irrelevant."

How about Demi Moore? How much has she spent on correcting that "age is irrelevant" remark.

Quick Poll
Who's Hotter?
Demi Moore 39.23%

Megan Fox 60.77%

Granted, overall the 40 year old women won. But at what cost?

And last, I am thinking why am I even writing this other than to see if it was true.

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hrh said...

Palin 49.something
McCain 50.something

And yes, it's HuffPo, so why are we even bothering? :)