Thursday, March 19, 2009

Poll Finds Obama Would Trounce Palin (Update 1984 Poll)

Poll Finds Obama Would Trounce Palin

March 19) - President Barack Obama would cruise to re-election in 2012 if Sarah Palin is the Republican nominee, a new poll finds.

In the hypothetical contest, Obama would defeat the Alaska governor 55 percent to 35 percent, the poll by Public Policy Polling found.

If memory serves me correctly, Obama should not have been president...

The 22-point gap between the two leaders is nearly double the margin found in the July 12-15 poll.

I will say that the gap shown in the poll between this sitting president and Palin, spells trouble for Obama.

Update: 1984 Newsweek Poll: Walter Mondale beating Ronald Reagan by 18 points

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