Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Three Conservateers on the Stimulus Package: Sanford, Perry and Palin (2nd Update)

As many already know, Palin is going to cut out about half of the stimulus package. Even Dan Fagan gave credit to Palin this time.

Palin does right thing in rejecting stimulus money

Today, he is less of a dumbass.....

Governor Plain is doing the right thing in turning down the money. Especially the $160 million for education. She’s also rejecting $17 million in Department of Labor funds, $9 million for Health and Social Services and about $7 million for Public Safety.

These funds are set to expire in two years and will leave the state with the burden of continuing the spending.

What is interesting is the showdown that maybe setting up...

I have talked about it here and here.

Well, Senor Begich is trying to rally the legislative troops and have them accept the monies....

U.S. Sen. Mark Begich quickly issued a written statement today calling for lawmakers to accept the remainder of the stimulus money.

There is only one problem...... And this is worth repeating again..

Congressional report: GOP governors can reject stimulus

Clyburn dismissed the concerns raised by the Congressional Research Service about the stimulus law.

"The intent of the law is clear and unambiguous," Clyburn said. "I find nothing in the Congressional Research Service report which questions that intent. Anyone with constitutional concerns should raise them in a court of competent jurisdiction."

The report focuses on the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. That amendment, part of the Bill of Rights, codifies the principle of federalism and delineates the separation of powers between states and the federal government.

"An interpretation . . . which provided that a state legislature could, by concurrent resolution, direct the activities of a governor, state and local entities would appear to violate the Tenth Amendment," the report concluded.

That amendment says: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

The Congressional Research Service found that the stimulus law contains ambiguous language about the roles of state legislatures and governors. It also said several sections of the law contradict other parts of it.

Proof positive that we elect idiots to our Legislative body. Begich and Clyburn are proof of that.

Now which one of the three Governors would be willing to take on the stimulus law through a court challenge?

I would put my money on Palin.....


I will take a tougher stance on the cutting. She has the authority to do a line-item veto. If she doesn't use the pen, then she has no excuse on this one. It's not like picking a Judge.... The constitution is on her side this time... NO EXCUSES

UPDATE: The School Districts are now voicing their opposition..

School officials react to Palin's stimulus decision

In typical Carol Comeau fashion:

Comeau said Anchorage schools were slated to get at least $26 million over two years for special education and Title One schools, which are the poorest in the city.

One idea that was gaining traction in the district was to use some of the money to expand pre-kindergarten to more low-income children, Comeau said.

She disagreed with Palin saying that accepting the money would dig the state into a deep hole in two years when there wouldn't be any money to keep projects going. "We knew it may go away in two years. That's what we do with grants anyway," Comeau said.

I like the last comments made by Comeau to Palin's comments on digging a hole in two years.

"we knew it may go away in two years. That's what we do with grants anyway"...

Palin you had better veto the hell out of the requests and hold the line on increased spending requests when they come in....


Clay Bowler said...

It must be nice to have a governor with some conviction. Our governor, Jay Nixon, said he would gladly spend the stimulus money and Missouri's children and grandchildren can pay the debt.

Tom said...

Clay I saw a clip of Palin talking about her reasons. how I would describe her on this one.

Anonymous said...

Comeau needs to take her hefty retirement and gold watch and go!

Begich still thinks of himself as a mayor and not a Senator.

Sarah is doing us proud by picking those items she did, and refusing the rest. This way, she is not saddling us with more headaches down the pike.

I'm with you, line item veto is the way to go!