Friday, March 20, 2009

A Shout out to the Fixed Pie at The Lincoln Day Dinner: If You can, Live Blog Palin's Keynote

Lincoln Day Dinner

I am excited, because today is the day of the Anchorage Lincoln Day Dinner. It is hosted by the Republican Party of Alaska and the keynote speaker is Governor Palin. There is a meet and greet function before hand I am also attending. I am most excited because the seats are $75 for the general public, but working with sponsors and the Alaska Republican Party, I got funding to bring college students along. The total college students in tow will be 29. Pretty awesome.

Jason, if your group can, live blog the keynote.


Joseph Russo said...

The AK GOP should live stream these events.

Palin is a favorite among Republicans in the lower 48 and Steele is the chairman of the party

Tom said...

Joe, if you can, throw a shout to Jason on the idea of blogging.

29 college students and a laptop..

And I agree on the streaming...

El General said...

Thanks for the idea Tom. We're tweeting as I type. Wouldn't have thought of it without you.

Tom said...

El General good job, wish I could have been there.