Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This Picture Will Certainly make The Palin Haters go Bonkers

You know the big fuss about the Arctic Cat gear and Celtic Diva filing a frivolous complaint.

The Alaska National Guard is a sponsor to the Iron Dog and has their logo on the machines. This is a rubbing it in on the Palin hater bloggers thread.

This should drive the Diva nuts and the other Palin haters...

I know of at least one Palin hater that may be going nuts on Fagan's Alaska Standard. Now I have been called creepy for cutting and pasting comments of unknown bloggers, but assinine comments deserve the reward of a cut and paste.

Sometimes I have to wonder...
Submitted by KarenJ on Wed, 03/25/2009 - 4:46pm. dense one has to be to become a fan of Sarah Palin.

tomlamb, I suppose it never occurred to you that a lot of the racers in the Iron Dog might actually be MEMBERS of the Alaska National Guard, did it? That there might be a symbiotic relationship between skilled helicopter pilots and heavy equipment operators and snowmachine operators? That they might assist each other in times that the ANG is called on, like volcanoes erupting, or in dangerous conditions during a high stakes race like the Iron Dog?

Yeah, I can see a benefit in that relationship, to a great extent.

I would guess it's voluntary, too. You know, like, no money or snowsuits or donated equipment permanently changing hands? Or military equipment, either, 'cuz that'd be illegal/unethical too.

This doesn't take the Gov's OK, either. This is under the purview of the ANG and the Iron Dog organizers.

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More photos..

Scientology is the official religion of the Alaska National Guard

And of course, a group shot of a conflict in interest according to the Diva.

And as a gentle reminder, don't forget to vote in the poll to the top left margin, if Palin violated an ethics law. I am going to leave it up for 6 days.


Lorna Marie said...

awesome post!!!

R. A. Mansour said...

God almighty... these people are stupid. They deserve to have comments like that cut and pasted and held up for ridicule.

Anonymous said...

I am sure the left will sue of the National Guard having a conflict of interest or something.

The sole reason the moonbats are suing is trying to keep her out of the either the 2010 or 2012 elections,by bankrupting her.

It will fail,for Governor Palin has many friends and supporters.

iac said...

I'm shocked by the news that the Alaskan National Guard has been infiltrated by the twin evils of religion and naked commercialism.

What's the betting that those guys aren't secretly hiding company endorsements about their person... like on the labels in their boxers or somewhere!