Thursday, April 23, 2009

The First 100 Days of Jimmy Carter II: North Korea to Charge US Journalists

You can just feel the trembling of North Korea when Obama speaks harshly of them.

State media in North Korea said Friday that investigators have completed the questioning of two detained U.S. journalists and will bring formal charges against them.

Russia should be feeling a little isolated right now. Betcha North Korea has the other lawyer president thinking, what does China have up their sleeve?

I noticed the young president from Russia wasn't doing too much blogging today. He must be in conference with Putin.

'No need' for nuke talks, NKorea tells Russia

SEOUL (AFP) — North Korea has told Russia's foreign minister that it has no further use for international nuclear disarmament talks, according to official media.

Sergei Lavrov is visiting the communist state to try to persuade it to return to the six-nation negotiations, but reported tough going after talks with his counterpart, Pak Ui-Chun, Thursday.

Pyongyang's foreign ministry, in a statement on the Korean Central News Agency, said Lavrov's team had "paid attention to the DPRK's (North Korea's) position that it no longer needs six-party talks."

North Korea has pretty much told the U.S. and Russia to go stick it.

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