Friday, April 10, 2009

Leah Burton: Palin is a Dominionist

Today is Good Friday, and I was going to leave the post on the Shroud of Turin the only post today. But I read on the ADN about a letter written by Leah Burton, circulating the Legislature.

She has accused Ross of being basically a sexist and he making crude remarks during a meeting with Dads Against Discrimination (DADS) in 1991.

In the ADN she states that the group is now Alaska Family Support Group.

Time will bear out the truth, but it is always interesting to read what people like her have to say, so here is what she had to say about Palin.

Leah Burton

Dominionists are believers in the Old Testament. The have no desire to separate church & state, a line they have worked so diligently to blur. They believe in "End Times" and consider themselves "commissioned" by God to "take dominion over all" and provoke the apocalypse in "our life time".

(I'm not making this stuff up!)

They espouse that democracy is the enemy of theocracy, which they fully intend to implement. My current book was in reaction to how appalled I was that a character such as Palin could actually rise to the level she did considering her complete lack of experience, knowledge and world view...

But it goes so much deeper than that. Palin is a dominionist. And the rest of us had best become educated about this group who proudly identifies themselves as warriors in "Joel's Army".

I'll have to chat with a friend who works in child advocacy about Leah Burton and see what comes up...


Anonymous said...

Oh for the love of Pete,will it ever stop with the attacks on this woman.

What is going to be next,that she dancing around naked while wearing a goats head for a hat,geesh.

We know the left see her as a threat in 2012,thus this dispicalbe peronal attacks against her character.

Tom said...

I chuckled when I saw this one.

She cites John Grames in the letter.

John is a little "unconvetional" but I have talked with him a few times in the past about issues on inheritence and cases.

Grames was a Green candidate and wrote about the Mother Earth in religious terms.

Knowing Grames and if he knows his name is being put out in public on this one, I would not be surprised to see him come out and make a statement.

Ross making the statements? Don't think so.

Others making them? Maybe.

Anonymous said...

Leah Burton is certifiably insane. Something obviously went terribly wrong in her early childhood years that fostered this desire to tear those in authority down. Anyone who personally knows Sarah Palin knows what a quality individual she is and that she is about as far away from a "dominionist" as anyone could be. Burton's comments are just more crazy rantings from someone in desperate need of psychotherapy.