Friday, April 10, 2009

Will the Real Dan Fagan Stand Up: Palin bad - Levi Good

Dan Fagan the love child of video media, attacks Palin, and stands up for Levi.

I don’t know about you but I am greatly disturbed by how easily our governor finds it to savagely and publicly attack the 19-year old father of her first grandchild.

When I read the headline about ambitions, Dan, you came to mind.

Dan, here is a hint. Stay out of personal fights and family matters. Were you just as disturbed when you wrote the article about Levi getting a job that led to his firing?

No, you played the artful dodger on the agenda behind the writing of the story. Now the kid has to go public airing personal matters to make a buck.

Moreover, how would you handle a young man getting on a media format (that you so adore) and talk about personal matters that would affect your daughter or family?

As a father to a daughter, I would state the facts and set them right and be critical of the young man. Which leads me to say, Todd Palin should be front and center on this area when it comes to making public statements not Governor Palin.

For some reason he hasn't.

Fagan it's Good Friday. At least for one day, give it a rest.


Josh Painter said...

This would be the same Dan Fagan that cost Levi his job, right? His sudden concern for the young man is... hypocritical.

- JP

Tom said...

Josh, yes it is.