Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Obama Culture: Obama Loompas are out to get Palin

Just recently there has been a flurry of events that have unfolded around Palin.

There are two events that deal with Levi going on T.V. and a new video put out by M & M (Eminem,I call him M & M because when he was 14, that is what he called himself, when he lived in Michigan).

These events are part of what I call the Obama culture.

The other event, is Palin's stance on the missile defense budget.

What struck me today was an opinion written by a writer at Hot Air who goes by Allahpundit

The writer headlines with The obligatory “Eminem goofs on Palin” clip

Here is the part that struck me as odd for one who considers themselves to be a conservative.

For every person who read her statement on missile defense last night, a dozen more will watch the Eminem video or the Tyra show and come away thinking she’s a sideshow.

Not sure who the Allahpundit is, but their argument contains a lot of pessimism on what people view as important.

There will be some who watch Tyra and will become more furious with the Obama culture. And then there will be those who watch Levi and they will be cheering him on.

Trying to build an argument that there is somehow a 12-1 ratio of Obama culture people to people who have a great concern for being nuked by North Korea is just plain dumb.

In their story, Gutfeld is linked and Gutfeld hit one point about Eminem that was true. He has been screwing his mother for years.

It seems screwing ones own mother runs in the Obama culture when you consider Obama screwed his own mother in that Obama thought of himself as a black man and went to a black church that had a pastor that called whitey racists and then threw his white grandmother under the bus by writing that she was afraid of black men.

The alter ego in the Obama culture has to be strong to offset the hatred that exists in the Obama culture.

M & M is a white man trying to be black man and Obama is a man who is both black and white and he labels himself as a black man. Let's just call the Obama culture for what it is; it is a culture made up of many racists and sexists.

You have women who hate men, men who hate women, blacks who hate whites and quite frankly, whites like a young Robert Byrd who hate blacks.

Interestingly, Shannyn Moore a member of the Obama culture makes my point about the hatred part. Today she has a thing for Palin again. We all know she hates Palin, but how she goes about showing her hatred is interesting.

Face it, Alaska Palin's Just Not That into You

The money lines:

Hey Democrats!!! Stop nodding YES like a bobble doll! I know this is basic and obvious, but it's gotta be said.

There are two stories here:

One: Sarah Palin is running the state like a power drunk sorority sister.

Two: The Alaska Dems don't have to keep acting like a fat girl on a date! You know that girl-she orders a salad and then puts out 'cause she's just so grateful for the attention! STOP IT!

I wonder if Celtic Diva in a serious manner, reads such statements made by Shannyn.

And I also wonder if the Chatty Cattys that have a book of Shakespeare to cleanse their brains after their drunken stupors of power, read her. I would lay odds on, that this group does.

How many people seriously read Shannyn and how many like myself just read to critique her and then blog about what she wrote?

But hey, she's a woman, so she has a license to do the put-down thing against other women. But I wonder what Katie Couric would think about the power drunk sorority sisters statement?

All of those sorority sisters drunk with power. Shannyn yes indeed. Is that what you meant when you said power drunk sorority sisters; Katie doing the goctha interview and trying to destroy Palin?

No, it couldn't be. What is it about the Obama culture. The sexists, the racists and the people who have a sweet-tooth for money. Lots of money. Other people's money. My money.

Makes me think of a song about having a sweet-tooth for money.

Barack Obama's money factory; where bad taxpayers get the golden ticket to join the Obama Loompas on spending other people's money....While destroying the economy and trying to destroy Palin at the same time.

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