Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sarah Palin Defense Fund (update on the official official site)

Sarah Palin Defense Fund

Andree, take a bow for your efforts.

Your latest opinion on Palin and the missile defense system, has shown that you have moved off course on what is a valid complaint or what true corruption is.

You knew at one time, but something happened to you. Maybe it's time you look at your actions and evaluate what cost it has had on yourself and Palin.

It's always about issues and never about personal destruction.

Update: grassroots defense fund jumps the gun

There has been some confusion on this fund. Monies donated to this fund according to the founder, will be forwarded through legal means, to the official official Palin fund.

Note to you Huffington Post addicts, quit spaming the poll on Palin with no votes.

The pro-Palin visitors from Outside Alaska had the will to stay out of the polling and not spam it, so should you.


Anonymous said...

Done. Even gave to the war chest for when she runs again.

Greg said...

Another donation to SarahPAC on its way.