Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Showdown at the AK Corral Nears: Will Palin's Veto Six Shooter Lay Claim to Republicans Who Claim to be Conservatives

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I wrote a thread on the showdown here.

Showdown at the AK Corral: Will Sheriff Palin Shoot Holes in the Stimulus Package With her Veto Six Shooter?

The ADN has headline: Budget showdown looms in Juneau

The big question is whether Palin will maintain her opposition to the stimulus and veto federal money that the Legislature accepts. Stevens said he doesn't think the Legislature would try to override her vetoes, since Palin would end up with the final say anyway by just refusing to administer the spending.

Palin won't say what she is going to do if the Legislature shoots her plan down.

"We'll look at the pros and cons and the governor will make her decision," said Karen Rehfeld, the governor's budget director.

Rehfeld said the governor's plan would still let schools get some stimulus help to deal with problems such as disadvantaged children, while using other parts of the federal package to replace state spending and lessen the draw on reserves for education and other areas. "We thought it was a pretty good idea," Rehfeld said.


Conservative Scalawag said...

I think she is mature enough to do the right thing,take what money is needed for those departments or projects that will create jobs,then return the rest to the feds.

Tom said...

C.S. I think that is what was intended all along.