Friday, April 03, 2009

Showing the Love: Governor Palin, It's Time To Step Up on Supporting the Baltics and Georgia

On the previous thread I had talked about Russia and the European Countries rolling over Obama. Interestingly, Gazprom visited the previous thread along with other Russian visitors.

In the past when I have talked about Gazprom on this site, the Russian government has visited. This time an interesting thing has happened.

A link to the previous thread has been setup here

Scroll down and you will see the post of the previous thread. It is a site that wants to move the 2014 Olympics from Sochi to another site.

The issue for moving the olympics is Georgia.

As stated in the previous thread, Obama was doing some horse trading with Russia on movement of military equipment through Russia. And in return for using Russia, the U.S. will take a softer approach on Russia's invasion into Georgia.

The impact that Russia has with the invasion into Georgia is being felt through the Baltics.

In today's news on the same site, you will find in Latvia, a Russian diplomat has been expelled from Latvia.

Report: Latvia expels Russian diplomat

RIGA, Latvia, April 3 (UPI) -- A Russian diplomat once accused of plotting to assassinate the Georgian president has been expelled from Latvia, a Latvian TV report said.

Russia is running roughshod over the break away countries in the Baltics with economic ties that will turn into sanctions or with military action against countries as they did with Georgia.

As stated previously, this is Palin's opportunity to show her stuff on how to play the game. It is time for her to step up to the task at hand and publicly support the Baltics and Georgia.

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