Friday, April 03, 2009

Will Palin Take Most of the Stimulus Money?

House leaders want stimulus millions; Palin listening

The White House put it in the governor's court when they backed off on the provision allowing the Legislature to by-pass the governors.

Earlier today, the New York Times reported South Carolina Will Apply for Most of Its Stimulus Money

A little caveat was added in the article.

Peter Orszag, the director of the Office of Management and Budget, wrote to Mr. Graham earlier this week, saying that lawmakers — in lieu of a governor’s request — could indeed apply for funds for Medicaid, some education-related areas, for much of the funds pertaining to transportation, health, infrastructure and energy.

But administration lawyers had determined that the legislative language for access to the stabilization funds at issue in South Carolina didn’t offer the same route for state legislatures, Mr. Orszag wrote.

In South Carolina today it is reported that Governor Sanford is not accepting stimulus money for education.

Now we will see how the Governor will handle it. Celtic Diva states in the comment section that Palin will take most of it.

We shall see. Meantime it seems the ADN is getting a little spam on the comments section.

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CelticDiva said...


At I have a post regarding CC's interview with Berta Gardner and my subsequent discussions with other legislators. Palin released a rather ambiguous letter (that I have on the post) on March 31st which accepts the money but gives the impression she may not accept all of it, but does NOT detail funds she may not accept.

According to Rep. Gardner and other legislators, Palin sent out another letter that (by their reactions) was strangely worded. However, they believe it met the criteria TO ACCEPT THE EDUCATION MONEY.

Interestingly enough, there were few copies of that April 2nd letter made, none of the legislators I spoke to were able to keep a copy, no press release was sent out with the letter and no one can find it on line anywhere.

One might get the feeling that Governor Palin doesn't want to be run out of town on a rail for rejecting the money, yet doesn't want to be blamed by her "base" for accepting it either.

Duplicity is such a burden.