Thursday, May 21, 2009

Geoffrey Dunn has Cognitive Interruptus When it Comes to Palin and her Six Shooter Veto Pen

I was holding on to this one until the right time.

Palin has until May 25 to sign or veto a bill approving the funds. If she vetoes the $930.7 million stimulus package, or any portion of it, she will risk further angering Alaska constituents, as her approval numbers have been in serious freefall since she returned from the campaign trail last November. If she votes to accept the entire package, it will be viewed as a final cave-in to her original opposition and will carve away her support among the conservative base in the national Republican Party.

(emphasis added)

The time has come to put Geoffrey in his place.

I doubt the fallout from the cuts will be as bad as Dunn thinks. Politically speaking, while I think Palin should have cut more, Palin will have cut enough but not too much to cause the backlash that Dunn stated.

A blast from the past below:

It seems she shot Eagle Eye Hawker and the posse at the Huffington Post down.

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