Thursday, May 21, 2009

Governor Sanford Challenges South Carolina State Assembly on Stimulus Package (Update)

I wondered if any of the three conservative Governors would file a suit against the directive in the stimulus package that gives the legislature the authority to by-pass the Governor.

Well it is Sanford who filed suit.

Gov. Mark Sanford is taking the General Assembly to court after lawmakers required him to accept $350 million in disputed federal money by overriding his budget vetoes.

The General Assembly stated it thinks it can beat Sanford in state court even though it is a federal suit. The details of the suit will be made public later, but it will be a suit that deals with federal laws, so I question the comments made by the General Assembly.

And for the record, I put my bet on Palin to be the one to file a lawsuit first but since the South Carolina legislature has overridden Sanford first, he is the first one to have the opportunity to take it to court.

A big question will be if Palin's vetoes are overridden, will she file a suit?


First, I had to fix the link on where I made the bet on Palin.

Next, to the whiners....

Shannyn Moore whines.

What's-Her-Name at the mudflats whines

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