Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Man of the Hour: Todd Palin

I try to stay out of writing on the personal matters of public figures, but I was glad to see Todd finally come out front and center when he was on the Today Show with his daughter.

When Trig was born, Todd had made a very telling quote about who he is when he talked about his son Trig. He said "why not us" when it came to the birth of Trig.

I was glad to see the shift from Governor Palin to Todd being out there.

Todd, in my opinion, is what Dads are all about. I am sure the limelight is not his cup of tea, but that is what makes him authentic as Dads go.

We fathers want to see more of him standing by his kids. Good fathers from all walks of life need that voice to be heard.

Well done.

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