Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Shannyn Moore Cites Palin plunging in Hayes Polling

Shannyn Moore is citing Hayes Research polling to show the numbers on Palin are in decline.

First to Hayes Research, they are biased with a liberal bent and have been inaccurate on polls vs. election results in Alaska.

So as for the numbers, I would hesitate to say what Palin's numbers are, but I would not discount the downward trend. And this trend should give pause to my conservative friends who try to defend every action Palin has taken especially on the stimulus package.

The aftershock of Palin's V.P. nomination has already taken its toll on Hayes polling, but now my bet is, the conservative side (as little as it is) in the polling is showing up in the decline.

When Palin is wrong, she needs to be held to what she stated and no wiggle room.

It's that simple.

The tea parties and the election of Dan Sullivan should be cause for any politician to avoid playing the middle ground. And Shannyn, that should be a reminder to what the people of Anchorage are feeling, so don't go on your liberal rant dear.

Your side just took a shalacking.

And quite frankly, Palin played it safe by trying to stay on middle ground with the stimulus package.

You can dice it, chop it and cook it, but on what Palin said, bottom line is, she didn't hold up her end of the bargain on the stimulus package.

And part of the bargain is the education funding. If silly string in a can were to be labeled, you would label it IDEA. And to use the excuse that the legislature would veto it, well as I said before, no excuses on this one.

This issue will come back to haunt her and the other Governors who championed cutting back on the stimulus but seem to be ready to accept most of the money.

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Tbone said...

The downward trend has more to do with her pick of Ross as Attorney General. As Alaska has alot of Moderate Independent voters who didn't like Ross. It is hard to veto when the Legislature overwhelmingly votes to take it. They are there to represent the will of the people. So let them have it.Veto's are only used in close splits. I still support Palin even though I don't agree with everything she does.