Thursday, May 07, 2009

Those Pesky Russians: Russia rules out cuts to nuclear deterrent budget

What happened to Obama's World Peace?

Russia does not plan to cut budget spending on the development of the country's nuclear deterrent despite the ongoing economic crisis, the defense minister said.

And now I take this moment to share what our great world leader has said to "our nations", just in case you have forgotten.....

A few last words on the issue... Since that is what Obama is all about; words and using words that have alot of meaning but are worthless to our enemies.

North Korea has threatened to test intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and to conduct further nuclear-weapon tests unless the UN Sanctions Committee apologises for decisions that Pyongyang sees as a violation of its sovereignty.

On 24 April, the committee banned transactions with three North Korean organisations - the Korea Mining Development Trading Corporation, the Korea Ryonbong General Corporation and the Tanchon Commercial Bank - and called on UN member states to freeze the assets of the two companies. This move followed the launch by North Korea on 5 April of what it claimed was a satellite launch vehicle.

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