Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Note to the NRSC: Go Piss up a Rope

Today, you have McCain (when talking about his endorsement of Crist) going around pissing on people's legs and telling them it's raining. And as I wrote previously, you have the bigwigs pulling in behind Crist.

And because of the NRSC bigwigs getting behind Crist in the Republican primary, John Hawkins has an idea.

Bloggers To The NRSC: Stay Out Of Primaries

It was disappointing to many Republicans to see the National Republican Senatorial Committee get involved in the Charlie Crist vs. Marco Rubio primary in Florida.

We've had the leadership of the Republican Party saying we need to get back to our principles and talking about how important it is to attract more young voters and Hispanic Americans. Then, we get a viable, young, conservative, Hispanic candidate running for Senate and they arrogantly try to shove him aside to make way for a better connected, moderate pol who's more acceptable to the GOP establishment. This cuts to the core of what's wrong with today's Republican Party.

With that in mind, I got together with Erick Erickson of Redstate and we put together a petition that we requested some of the bigger conservative bloggers sign onto.

If you're a blogger and you agree, post this petition and let people know about it. If you're a talk radio host, speak up and let people know where you stand. If you're a rank and file Republican, let the NRSC know that they're supposed to represent all Republicans: Telephone: (202) 675-6000, E-mail:, Twitter.

What follows is the petition and the initial signatories.

Interestingly, when you read the NRSC's twitter you get to see comments like:

Barack Obama: 100 Days of No Accountability (Video): #tcot #gop #nrsc

With the following video of this:

Then followed up with the asinine post by Cornyn:

NRSC Chairman John Cornyn endorses Governor Charlie Crist in his run for US Senate #tcot #nrsc #gop 6:43 AM May 12th from web

Has Cornyn been listening to what Crist has said about the stimulus (Porkulus) package? Has Cornyn been paying attention to what he is saying on Twitter?

The Senate just passed the "stimulus" plan 61-37. 37 Senate Republicans stood together today. #nrsc #tcot 10:03 AM Feb 10th from web

Now you know why the Republican party loses races. It has idiots running the party machine.

The Democrats will eat Crist alive if he wins the primary. They have all the ammo they need and it is Crist's own statements.


reds said...

Right on!

The Pajama Underground said...

McCain needs to be ushered into a dark corner for some quiet time. Sorry, pal, but the loser of the elction does not get to chart the party's course for the next four years. We've tried things McCain's way, it didn't work, and it's over.

The GOP party machinery badly needs mucking out.

Tbone said...

Republicans can't win nationally by being moderate liberals. Which is why they lost in 2006 and 2008. Next the GOP establishment is going to try and shove Romney at us in 2012. He is not conservative either. Romneycare is just one example.