Thursday, May 21, 2009

Russia Said to be Working on H1N1 Vaccine and Who Had the Seed Strain

Russia says vaccine against A/H1N1 flu virus under research

MOSCOW, May 20 (Xinhua) -- Russia is actively developing a vaccine against the A/H1N1flu virus, a senior Russian lawmaker said on Wednesday.

Makes sense, since on a thread on this website, it was stated that Russians had designed it in the first place.

But of course the Russians have denied this.

The question really has to be asked, since there seems to be no outbreak in Russia, are the Russians getting the mutated strain or seed strain from Mexico?

And why is the World Health Organization saying it would be premature to recommend commercial production of the H1N1 vaccine?

That was the conclusion of a group of WHO advisers, who wrote that it would be “premature to recommend that commercial-scale production of influenza A (H1N1) vaccine should start immediately.”

Sounds like they already know the vaccine is available and want to ensure proper testing is completed.

Meanwhile, Novartis said today that it has received a seed strain of H1N1 designed to be used in the vaccine manufacturing process, according to AFP, and GlaxoSmithKline said it has received orders from several governments for tens of millions of doses of H1N1 vaccine, Dow Jones Newswires says.

Interestingly, the BBC on May, 1st, reported the Brits were working on a seed strain and had expected to have the strain in 3-4 weeks.

But here you have GlaxoSmithKline already getting a seed strain. So again the question has to be asked who had the vaccine to the H1N1 virus and who gave GlaxoSmithKline the seed strain?

As I said on previous threads, the timing of the H1N1 virus was not a natural random act.

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Protein Sciences Talking With Mexican Government About Making Flu Vaccine

On this site and this thread, I said in about two weeks, a major development would occur in Mexico with regard to the flu bug.

That was stated on April 30th. It's almost two weeks to the date.

Here are the developments that tie in to the major development that will come from Mexico and the one I referred to when I said:

I believe at this point that miraculously a vaccine will be reported to have been made or is close to being made and a truce will be made behind the scene with the cartels.

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