Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Protein Sciences Talking With Mexican Government About Making Flu Vaccine

Headlines and a storyline may not always be what the truth is. And this thread looks at the storyline on Mexico with regard to the flu outbreak.

But a little background first.

I worked with a man from the Czech Republic. This man had quite the life when you consider how he planned his escape from then, the communist Czech Republic. What I learned from this man was not everything was what it seemed.

During 9-11 and the anthrax scare, envelopes of white powder were sent to many places in the United States, however, there were very few reports of envelopes being sent to overseas.

But, what I learned from my friend from the former Czech Republic is; events for whatever reason can be hidden from public view. And one event was hidden from public view and that was an envelope that was sent to RFE/RL in the Prague.

My friend told me to look on a Czech website that had a story that an envelope with white powder had been received at the RFE/RL station in Prague and then quickly, the story was removed.

It was rumored that the CIA had an office in the same building. Do I think an envelope was received. You bet I do.

And from this, I base events on instinct and logic and cross reference to see how the storyline is stacking up against instinct and logic. If there is a sequence of events that are out of line, then instinct tells me the storyline has some problems.

And this brings me to the flu outbreak in Mexico. With what was told to me by my friend in Mexico and events that have unfolded since; the storyline on what happened with the outbreak leaves me to question the veracity of stories that are being printed now.

On this site and this thread, I said in about two weeks, a major development would occur in Mexico with regard to the flu bug.

That was stated on April 30th. It's almost two weeks to the date.

Here are the developments that tie in to the major development that will come from Mexico and the one I referred to when I said:

I believe at this point that miraculously a vaccine will be reported to have been made or is close to being made and a truce will be made behind the scene with the cartels.

The Demand Letter by the United States.

An intergovernmental meeting of the World Health Organisation (WHO), has failed to reach an agreement on sharing influenza virus research material and access to vaccines, with the US placing profits ahead of the threat of wide-scale, world-wide deaths from the current influenza A(H1N1),or Mexican swine flu, pandemic.

The qualifier on where it will come from.

Still, if there is a pandemic, some governments might be willing to experiment. Protein Sciences says it is in talks with Mexico, which has been hardest hit by the new flu strain, about making vaccine there.

Paying on the dotted line.

The foregone conclusion.

The fact that scientists are talking with Mexico about a vaccine, makes me think that the vaccine will come from Mexico and this leads me to the conclusion that the comments that were made by my friend in Mexico are valid, just like my Czech friend's comments about the envelopes of white powder.

The question that should be asked is how did they get the vaccine so fast? And why is it that the United States has now more people infected than in Mexico?

And last, who stands to make the money if Mexico has the first rights to it?

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