Friday, May 22, 2009

Polls Show South Likes Governor Sanford's Stance on Stimulus Package

With the news that Governor Sanford is challenging his state legislature by filing a lawsuit, it seems polls indicate, Southerners like his stance on the stimulus package.

And for a GOP presidential candidate to win in the Republican primary, taking the South is key.

Southerners overwhelmingly back Sanford’s opposition to the stimulus plan, according to a new poll of South Carolina and 10 other Southern states conducted for Winthrop University and ETV. Results of that poll were released Thursday.

It seems for NOW, that Sanford is gaining traction as the leading candidate to lead the conservative cause.

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Tbone said...

All though I like Sanford as a Libertarian Conservative. It still doesn't change the fact I don't think he can beat Obama. He just is a very dull person.