Friday, May 22, 2009

Why Has Obama Been Silent on Mexico

It seems odd that Obama has been silent on the legislation on the legalization of marijuana and cocaine in Mexico.

As I have written before on the matter, I believed that a truce would be set up behind the scene with certain cartels within Mexico.

There was the release of Miss Sinaloa after her arrest. There was the legislation on the legalization of marijuana and cocaine.

Then you have this:

Mexico senator takes leave amid scandal

Reporting from Mexico City -- The Mexican senator at the center of an ugly drug scandal temporarily stepped down Wednesday, saying he welcomed an investigation he expects will clear his name.

Coming six weeks before national midterm elections, the allegations involving 14 1/2 tons of marijuana found on property belonging to the senator's family have inflamed suspicions widely held by Mexicans that many politicians are in cahoots with powerful drug traffickers.

I will say this point blank, we have a president who is not a strong president. And as such we will see Mexico fall apart under the power of certain Mexican cartels.

You will continue to see more of this:

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