Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Will Florida Become the Testing Ground for Conservatives?

You have to hand it to the bigwigs within the Republican party. They know how to run a duplicitous campaign on smaller government.

It should be obvious now, that the Republican machine does not care about the message, it cares about winning.

Case in point, the Senate Republican primary that is unfolding in Florida.

Here you have the idiot Crist talking about how great the stimulus package is and wanting to become the senator of Florida under the Republican party banner.

Moreover, for the moment, you have a brand new poll showing the conservative losing to Crist.

But wait, is that a good sign? Not for the Republican party. The reason the Republican party is at odds right now is because it has no clear message.

It is being viewed as a duplicitous party. How can it be a party of smaller government when its bigwigs are pulling in behind Crist.

Just recently, a Gallup poll is showing the republicans making gains on the democrats. And Rasmussen has had gains at dead even between the parties, while the pundits continue to banter about how the republicans have to move from the right in order to win.

Given another poll done in February, on how independents view the stimulus package, I think Crist may be barking up the wrong tree when he is boasting about the benefits of the stimulus package and how he supports it.

As an aside, it would be interesting if Palin's PAC targets Florida and supports the conservative candidate. And even though there was no special election in Illinois, since the Democrats picked Burris, Illinois is setting to be a perfect storm for Palin's PAC, if Palin's PAC moves in on the state.

All in all, Florida will be the testing grounds for the conservative soul and may very well be the testing ground for Palin's PAC.

Call it fantasy politics if you want but it would certainly stir the political pot.

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