Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Zane Henning: Eating Crow Next to Andrew Hal-crow

Zane Henning, read here very carefully.

Don't call yourself a conservative you twit. And to you nut-jobs who hate Palin, you make yourselves look like idiots by leaving asinine comments.

Case in point is on the linked thread above. Like I said back in November, there was no doubt in my mind that the complaint was going to be dismissed.

Keep on being morons with the stupid comments.

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Dismissal of Palin ethics complaints


M.L. said...

Palin's done. Stick a fork in her.

Tom said...

Well one think is for sure about you nut jobs, you never are at a loss for asinine comments.

Barry said...

What these idiots dont seem to understand is the more they spew their hatred for Sarah, the more her support grows.

Tom said...

Barry indeed, and they will lose credibility, which is fine by me.